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Infrastructure Inspection Report for Legacy at Lake Jessamine HOA

DES was retained by the Legacy at Lake Jessamine Homeowner’s Association to perform an infrastructure inspection and provide a report on the condition and upkeep of roads, sidewalks, street lights, and stormwater retention areas within the 84-acre sub-division, as required by HOA Declaration and Covenants. The project scope was limited to visual observation and reporting on current infrastructure conditions as compared to available construction documents and typical standards of facility maintenance. Roads. A visual inspection of area roads and curbs was completed to evaluate condition, with excessive wear and tear, damage, and structural cracking noted. Potential subsurface issues related to structural failure which may require evaluation by a geotechnical engineer were noted. Traffic Control / Pavement Markings. Traffic Control Devices (stop signs, yield signs, striping, stop bars, reflectors, etc.) were inspected to assure that they remain as depicted on the construction documents, with missing or damaged traffic control devices noted. Stormwater Collection System. The system (swales, inlets, manholes, pipes and channels) was inspected to ensure that structures remain free of silt, trash, and vegetation for the system to function as designed, with any portions of the system that are impeded by blockages noted. Detention Ponds. Stormwater ponds were inspected to ensure that these ponds remain properly graded, sodded, and free of erosion and excess sediment. Ponds, outfall structures, and littoral shelves should be free of excessive and/or nuisance vegetation, with deficiencies noted. Common Areas. Common areas (sub-division entrance and associated sidewalks and lighting, open space, etc.) will be inspected to assure related infrastructure is well-maintained and the property is draining properly.

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