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PACE Anclote West Watershed

Model Development and Floodplain Delineation

PACE Water Features.png

The PACE study area is comprised of three watersheds: Pithlachascotee River, Anclote East of Suncoast, and Anclote West.  DES was issued a task work authorization (TWA) to develop a watershed model, perform design storm simulations, and map floodplains for the Anclote West watershed.

The Anclote West watershed is a particularly important part of the PACE study area, as it: includes areas that are, historically, the most flood-prone of the three watersheds; is the site of flow exchange between the Cotee and Anclote Rivers during extreme floods; encompasses a rapidly growing area, including the SR 54 corridor (South Market Area, aka, Gateway Crossings) with its many planned developments: Mitchell Ranch, Western Hub, Trinity East, Starkey, Asturia, and Suncoast Crossings; and includes District-owned lands with potential storage for conservation and flood mitigation BMPs.

PACE Anclote West Flooding.jpg

SWFWMD TWA No. 15TW-94 was issued to DES to perform Watershed Management Plan - Floodplain Analysis tasks in the Anclote West Watershed.


These tasks include


  • Model Parameterization,

  • Model Development,

  • Floodplain Delineation, and

  • Floodplain Open House


elements of the WMP.

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