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No time like the present

We are living through unprecedented events, observing the accelerating spread and intensity of COVID-19 cases across America and around the world, each of us adapting to changes that are taking place in the economy and throughout our communities. With movement and marketing activities constrained by social distancing, we decided to take some time to refresh our web presence and try out new ways to communicate with our customers.

At DES, we feel very fortunate to still be working while many in our community are not. Daily operations continue much the same as before, having established this engineering consulting business with a structure that readily accommodates an agile, remote workforce. Ironically, after a full seven years, we just recently opened, equipped, and furnished a bona fide office space in Orlando. So while most of our peers are making a tough transition from office to home, stacking monitors on top of boxes at kitchen tables or creating temporary work spaces within emptied-out closets, our staff can now occasionally venture away from our own home office spaces to the quiet and relatively spacious surroundings of 1217-B North Orange Avenue. From this new vantage point of ours, we look westward towards Lake Ivanhoe and the ever-increasing number of walkers, joggers, and cyclists who are trying to keep fit and stay distracted from the uncertainty, and we reflect on the current condition and future direction of our small, specialized consulting firm.

As the owner of a small business and leader of a close-knit team (i.e., family), I've been contemplating the impacts of this affliction not so much on our lives but on our livelihood, considering how to best navigate our company through this storm, and giving careful thought to adjusting our immediate and long-term goals. Taking inventory, I find that we really are in an excellent position to provide continued service to our current clients in the water resources and civil engineering field. Our backlog is solid, and despite the turmoil, project deadlines remain unforgiving - so there is much work to be done, thankfully.

Beyond that, there is a need to establish a more diversified company. We are working now to strengthen ties with our existing clients while forging new relationships and blazing fresh trails into less-familiar territories. It is exciting, energizing, to take skills that have been honed over three decades on an array of projects within an established sphere of engineering consulting and apply them across a wider range of industries. As a new mission statement, "DES will more broadly offer services in geographic information systems, computing, data science, and technology to address the diverse needs of our customers in governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses within commercial, industrial, agricultural, financial, environmental, health care, public safety, and emergency management areas."

So, let’s get started…

Our web site has been overhauled, presenting a more discerning view into our interests and capabilities. Please take a few minutes to look the site over and contact us to let us know what your corresponding short-term needs and long-term objectives are. We'll set up a quick remote session to meet and talk about how we can be of timely, cost-effective service to you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. After all, there's no time like the present.


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